Monday, January 21, 2008

Wikipedia updates

Just a quick post to note that I have updated the Wikipedia ISO/IEC 17024 page with basically my brief ISO17024 easy reference page.

Hopefully now it is up, people can start to expand and continue to add more references and keep the page "alive". If anybody wishes to add more information, but does not know how then pop me a mail and I will update the information for you.

The Wikipedia link is here:

I do have an issue with the page address (the / between the ISO and IEC has screwed up the page location) but I will fix this over the next couple of days. This is an artifact of the original listing I found on Wikipedia.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Accreditations Against Asbestos!

It has been a while since my last post, chaos of business development causing me to take a quick break from the blogging community.

To get back into the swing of things I decided to do some research as to how ISO17024 is seen as being valued not by the credentialing community, but by industry and regulators.

I found a great piece on how small firms are taking big risks on construction sites, particularly in the rules and regulations around the control of asbestos.

Interestingly the UK Heath and Safety Executive is running a "name and shame" database with over 120 entries related to infringements, the majority of which are failures to identify asbestos relate materials prior to work starting.

Critically one of the key recommendations is that the surveyors that perform these analysis should have a credential or certificate from an ISO17024 accredited organization.

Things seems to be gaining momentum. The newswires and giving me more and more examples of 17024 accreditation, but now we seem to be seeing a real industry pull. This is what really takes a product (which is all ISO17024 really is) from the hype stage into maturity.

I will now be interested to see what ramifications this has, for example will insurance policies change because of this recomendation?

If anybody has any other examples of an industry pull regarding 17024 I would be really interested to hear from you.

Link to the article from heal-mesothelioma is here. The article is written by Mick Dawson who is a commercial director for Bureau Veritas.