Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to Personnel Certification and Training

So as the very first post on this blog I simply want to compile an up-to-date list of the organizations, papers and feeds that have been making a big impact in the world of personnel certification. This first post is starting off small but the information will grow over time.

As we all know significant debate is happening around the focus on skills and competency based certification. The purpose of this blog is simply to have a central point where information is gathered for convenience. I'll leave the cut and thrust debate (well maybe we can have some) to the discussion boards such as the excellent one IRCA provides (

So here we go:

On-line personnel certification e-zines:
IRCA Inform
RABQSA e-momentum

Personnel Certification Organizations:

Accreditation Organizations:
International Accreditation Forum
ANSI (Personnel Certification)
Standards Council Canada (SCC)
JAZ-ANZ (, website seems to be down at the moment)

Generic sites:
Conformity Assessment
Canadian Council of Personnel Certification

The above is a tiny snapshot of the organizations and references out there. My mission over the next while will be to create an up-to-date reference of not just these organizations, but also papers and feeds as appropriate.

If anybody would like any specific kind of information reported on a (fairly) frequent basis then just post a comment on this blog or pop me off a quick mail.

Stephen Davies

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